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House Bill Offers State Benefits for Pregnant Women Barred from Seeking an Abortion: Will It Survive?

Arizona Prop. 211 Passes, Requiring Political Committees Taking Out Ads to Disclose Their Donors in Certain Circumstances

An Early Affirmative End to Affirmative Action in College Admissions

The CRIT Water Resiliency Act: Water Can Flow or It Can Crash

Arizona’s New Voucher System

Censoring Porn or Silencing Culture? The Implications of Arizona’s Unsexy New Education Law

Arizona Death Row Appeal Being Considered by the Supreme Court will have Important Implications for Precedent, Procedure, and Prisoners

Arizona Just Strengthened Protections for Homebuyers, But At What Cost?

Arizonans’ Reproductive Rights Remain in Flux, Four Months After Dobbs

Arizona’s Water Supply is Being Depleted by a Foreign Company Despite Constitutional Safeguards

Recipe For a Public School System Disaster

Arizona Eliminates Peremptory Challenges

United States v. The State of Arizona: A Battle for Voter Rights

Home Rule, Home Run? Can Cities Counter the Arizona Abortion Ban?

The Battle Over Arizona Golf Courses’ Most Valuable Resource – Water

Less Water for Arizona: State Reactions and Implications

Jurisdictional Gymnastics: How the European Union Influences Arizona Business Practices

Phoenix Property and Business Owners have Sued the City over the Handling of the Homelessness Crisis

A Call for Accountability: U.S. Border Patrol Officers Confiscate and Discard Sikh Turbans

Fight for the Right to Film: ACLU Sues Arizona Over Law Restricting the Filming of Police

The FDA Strikes Back: A Review of the Agency’s 2023 Budget Request to Expand Authority Over Dietary Supplements

Putting ISIS on Trial: A Landmark Terrorism Verdict in U.S. Federal Court

Arizona Governor Enacts Seemingly Unconstitutional Voter Restriction Law

The New Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – What it Means for Arizona Water

Supreme Court to Rule on Opioid Case Involving Arizona Doctor

Biden Administration Strengthens Tribal Sovereignty With 2022 VAWA Reauthorization

Senate Passes Bill To Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent: What Might That Mean for Arizona?

Why the Gas Tax Holiday Might Not be the Best Solution to Inflation

The Future of the Newly Revitalized Single-Subject Rule

No Longer Off Limits: “Secret” Legislative Summits May Not Be So Secret Anymore

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