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The FDA Strikes Back: A Review of the Agency’s 2023 Budget Request to Expand Authority Over Dietary Supplements

Putting ISIS on Trial: A Landmark Terrorism Verdict in U.S. Federal Court

Arizona Governor Enacts Seemingly Unconstitutional Voter Restriction Law

The New Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – What it Means for Arizona Water

Supreme Court to Rule on Opioid Case Involving Arizona Doctor

Biden Administration Strengthens Tribal Sovereignty With 2022 VAWA Reauthorization

Senate Passes Bill To Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent: What Might That Mean for Arizona?

Why the Gas Tax Holiday Might Not be the Best Solution to Inflation

The Future of the Newly Revitalized Single-Subject Rule

No Longer Off Limits: “Secret” Legislative Summits May Not Be So Secret Anymore

A Career Criminal in a Single Night? The Supreme Court’s Unanimous Decision in Wooden v. U.S.

Feels Good to Win One: Sexual Harassment Victims Get Their Day in Court

Onslaught of Anti-Trans Bills Continues in Arizona 2022 Legislative Session

Arizona Legislature Continues to Push Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation

Rethinking Water Quality in a Drying World

Bitcoin as Legal Tender?

Collegiate Cheer and Dance: Deserving of Title IX Protections, or Accessories to Men’s Athletics?

The Anatomy of an Anderson-Burdick Challenge

Pour-Overs and Picket Lines: Mesa Starbucks Unionizes

Maricopa Wants To Break Free? Arizona’s Proposal To Split Maricopa County into Four

Arizona GOP Continues Onslaught of Attacks on the Abortion Right

The Legacy of Grant Woods: The Lessons of Questioning and Bettering Oneself

Surveilling the Valley: Drones Approved for the Phoenix Police

Arizona Judge Denies Summary Judgment in Attorney General’s Lawsuit Against Google For Privacy Violations

Is the Supreme Court Signaling an Affirmative End to Affirmative Action?

Freedom of the Press: How Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit Could Impact Long-Standing Precedent

Discussing the “Conditionally Cooperative” Approach to Negotiations

Welcome to the Future: We Got Fun and Games?

The Shadow Docket Deals the Voting Rights Act Its Latest Blow

The War on Cartels: Is Arizona Under Invasion?

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