The purpose of the Arizona State Law Journal is to produce, edit, and publish high-quality works of legal scholarship. The operational and editorial functions of the Journal are managed by students of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. For those eligible, the Journal provides one of the finest avenues available for advancing legal education. Its work contributes to the students’ intellectual advancement, the development of law, the legal profession, and to the stature of the College of Law.

2019-2020 Board of Editors

Sarah Pook

Brian Teed
Executive Managing Editor

James Cromley
Executive Articles Editor
Morgan Goodin
Executive Note & Comment Editor
Amanda Manke
Executive Operations Editor

Articles Editors
Jordan Buckwald
Brenda Coufal
Olivia Cumsky
Kathryn Hunnicutt
Naomi Maxwell
Erin Mitchell
Patti Noelck
Julie Walters
Managing Editors
Johnny Jacquez
Stephen Kaneshiro
Emily Morehead
Garrett Nebeker
Alexander Ronchetti
Cameron Stanley
Note & Comment Editors
Ashley Gomez
Kaitlyn Hertzog
Andi Lefor
Lauren Smith
Symposium Editor
Sam Cote
Research Editors
Elan Eldar
Zoe Figgins
James Lawson
Kate Pokorski
Andrew Soukhome
Hilary Weaver
Technology Editor
Anthony Pusateri
Arizona Issue Editor
Jack Milligan
Case Brief Editor
Aaron Nava
Business Editor
Robert Ito

Associate Editors
Adam Gorski
Drew Hensley
Ashley Perry
Heather Robles
Megan Weeren

Staff Writers
Jacob Abrahamian
Nicholas Ansel
Marissa Gibbens
Madelaine Bauer
Cory Bernard
Michael Brown
Sierra Brown
Megan Carrasco
Delilah Cassidy
Chase Colwell
Harman Dhanoa
Caitlin Doak
Abby Dockum
Kacie Donovan
Jay Dosad
Ava Esler
Christian Fernandez
George Gould
Yinan Guo
Shannon Hautzinger
KC Hooker
Sterling Johnson
Allie Karpurk
Alexandra Klein
Nathan Lilly
Lauren Malm
Austin Moylan
John Oliver
Samantha Orwoll
Alanna Ostby
Emiley Pagrabs
Daniel Restrepo
Victoria Romine
Ben Shattuck
Alisha Tarin-Herman
Avery Topel
Trevor Wainfeld
Caitlin White
Tyson Woodford
Tyler Woods

Adam Chodorow