The purpose of the Arizona State Law Journal is to produce, edit, and publish high-quality works of legal scholarship. The operational and editorial functions of the Journal are managed by students of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. For those eligible, the Journal provides one of the finest avenues available for advancing legal education. Its work contributes to the students’ intellectual advancement,the development of law, the legal profession, and to the stature of the College of Law.

Participation on Journal is challenging but rewarding work. The Journal is published four times a year, featuring articles written by top-notch scholars, as well as student-authored work on cutting-edge areas of the law. Students who are selected to serve as Staff Writers during their second year have the opportunity to become Editors their third year.

Journal membership is highly respected by employers, and is often considered a must for students who wish to clerk for a judge or justice, or enter academia.

Each year 32 students are invited to join the Journal. Five may be current 2Ls, the rest must be 1Ls. The following links provide details on 3 avenues to Journal membership:

1- Grade-on (1L only)
2- Write-on Competition
3- Hardship Petition (1L, 2L, transfer students)

Helpful Documents and Resources:

General Guidelines
The general membership guidelines for all of the journals.

Journal Membership Overview
An overview of Law Journal membership, which includes instructions on applying for Journal membership.

Grade Release
Authorization to release grades to the Journal.