Welcome to the Arizona State Law Journal Blog, new for the 2010-2011 Academic Year!

Arizona is a hotbed of legal and political debate. The issues at the heart of these debates, such as immigration, election reform, and even the latest Arpaio lawsuit, are making Arizona a recurring figure on the national stage. We hope to utilize this blog to provide a forum on current events in Arizona. Comments from faculty, students, attorneys, alumni, and members of the legal community are welcome here.

We also hope to showcase some of the content found in each print edition of the Arizona State Law Journal on this blog. Previews of each article will be posted shortly before the issue is available for purchase. Articles being published during the 2010-2011 year include work by Paul Robinson, Theda Skopcol, Eugene Volokh, Michael Heise, David Sherwyn, Richard Albert, Tricia Bellia, and many other leading scholars.

We are also thrilled to have the opportunity publish several outstanding comments and notes written by our student authors. The Arizona State Law Journal consists of some of the finest students at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.  This year’s membership is no different. In a similar vein, this blog will occasionally feature posts catered for our students, including information on clerkships, on-campus interviews, and networking opportunities.

For any comments or questions about our blog, or for more information about the Arizona State Law Journal, please send an email to: asulawjournal@yahoo.com. Please check back soon for more updates as we start another school year!