How Affidavit of Merit Requirements are Ruining Arizona’s Medical Liability System

Mary Markle.

The purpose of the civil justice system is to compensate those who were wrongfully injured and deter unreasonably risky behavior. More specifically, tort claims for medical malpractice aim to compensate patients who are injured due to negligent care and improve health care by deterring doctors from engaging in negligent care in the future. Despite these noble goals, the medical malpractice legal regime has come under attack in recent years. Opponents of the system claim medical malpractice cases are to blame for skyrocketing health care costs and a shortage of physicians. In response to these accusations, many state legislatures—including Arizona’s—have passed regulations to reform medical liability. Proponents of these regulations hope that limiting medical liability will lead to decreased insurance premiums, which will ultimately lead to lower health care costs and more available physicians.

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