The Private Law of Stablecoins

By Kara Bruce, Christopher K. Odinet & Andrea Tosato. 

Stablecoins are one of the cornerstones of the crypto world. They’ve attracted significant attention from major players over the past few years, ranging from Wall Street to kitchen-table investors, and even the White House. As a less volatile alternative to crypto-assets like bitcoin, stablecoins have the potential to change the way we make payments, unlock the groundwork needed for more blockchain-based applications, and even reorient the economy toward private money. But how stable are these atablecoins, really? Can they be relied upon in the way their many proponents claim? And how much of the popular beliefs about stablecoins match their realities? That’s where we come in. In this Article, we show, for the first time, just how unreliable and unstable this latest crypto innovation really can be. Full Article.