Arizona’s Short-Term Rental Dilemma: A Path to Effective Regulation After Kalway

By Emma Marek. 

The popularity of short-term rental housing has grown exponentially in recent years, especially in Arizona. Short-term rentals (“STRs”), also referred to as vacation rentals or transient lodging, are homes, condominiums, apartments, or other residential units that are rented to paying guests for short periods of time, usually fewer than thirty days. The property owner, or the “host,” typically lists their property on an online accommodation platform to advertise and offer their rental to guests. One such platform, Airbnb, reported over 59,000 active listings in Arizona in 2021, with 5,404 of those listings located within Scottsdale alone. In fact, the New York Times recently recognized Scottsdale as the “bachelorette-party capital of the West,” in part because of the huge availability and popularity of large, luxury short-term rental homes. Full Article.