Write-On Competition

Write-On Competition

After Grade-On invitations are accepted or declined, students are invited to join Journal based on their Write-On Competition score, until 35 total students have accepted invitations (including Grade-On and Write-On Candidates). The Write-On Competition is held immediately following the end of the Spring semester and has two components, a closed-universe memorandum and a Bluebook citation manual quiz.

1. Closed-Universe Memorandum

During the Write-On Competition, candidates will be required to write a memorandum based on the information provided, including a set of facts and legal authorities. The memorandum should ONLY include the following four sections: Issue(s) Presented, Brief Answer(s), Discussion, and Conclusion. Detailed instructions for completing the memorandum will be given.

2. Bluebook Citation Quiz

The Bluebook citation quiz will consist of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must have a copy of the 20th edition of The Bluebook legal citation manual and must answer each question according to the rules provided within the Bluebook.

The breakdown for the write-on competition score is 45% GPA, 25% written problem, 25% Bluebook quiz, and 5% legal writing grades.

All Write-On Candidates are graded anonymously using ASU Exam Numbers.

2019 Write-On Competition Information

The 2019 Write-On Competition will run from Monday, May 6th at 8am to Tuesday, May 7th at 5pm.

Law Journal Informational Meetings

An introductory meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 16th to provide interested students with a general overview of what being on a Journal is all about, why it is such a great opportunity, and what sort of involvement it requires.

Click here for a PDF containing the information shared at the first all-journal information meeting.

Anyone who wants to apply for a position on a Law Journal MUST attend the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, March 12th, from 12:15 to 1:15PM, which will be held in the Great Hall. This meeting will provide students with more detail about the Write-On Competition. In addition, students should turn in their signed Grade Release form that day.

Any questions regarding the write-on competition can be emailed to the Write On Committee.

Necessary Documents

Grade Release: To participate in the 2019 Write-On Competition, candidates must sign and deliver the grade release form to Olivia Cumsky at the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, March 12th. If candidates do not have the form at the meeting, they must turn it in to Olivia by Friday, March 15th at 5:00PM. The form is necessary because each candidate’s GPA and legal writing grades will be a factor in their overall competition score. Please print the form and bring it to the meeting.