Retiring the One-Party Consent Statute for Long-Term Care Residents’ Rooms

50 Ariz. St. L.J. 1347 (2018). Lynsie Zona.

A recent article in the Arizona Daily Star opened with a heartbreaking story: A woman learned that her father had not received a critical medication during a month’s stay at an assisted living facility. His health declined rapidly, and he died a few months later. The article featured an interview with a Tucson attorney, who noted that litigation often prompts long-term care facilities to make improvements. According to the attorney, “[i]f facilities are being looked at and watched more closely, they generally will attempt to do better.” But litigation comes too late for some families hoping to protect their loved ones. Instead, families may turn to technology to watch their relative’s facility more closely and ensure their loved ones are being cared for properly.

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