Prime & Punishment: Evaluating Amazon’s Liability for Defective Products from A-to-Z in AZ

By Spencer Shockness. 

From air fryers and Apple watches to Ziploc bags and zero-gravity chairs, consumers can purchase everything on—as famously indicated by Amazon’s A-to-Z logo. The “online-everything store” accounts for roughly 37–49% of all online commerce in the United States. This suggests an immense number of consumers interact with for various purchasing needs on a daily basis. One unique aspect of Amazon’s operations is that it only manufactures a minority of the products sold on its website. Products manufactured by third parties make up 58% of sales on So if consumers purchase products from that a third party manufactured, who is responsible if the product is defective? The obvious answer is the manufacturer because it placed the product in the marketplace. However, an individual consumer may not have the ability to track down and hold an obscure third-party manufacturer responsible for its defective product . . . Full Article.