Write-On Competition

Write-On Competition

Students are invited to join the Arizona State Law Journal based on their Write-On Competition score, until 35 total students have accepted invitations. The Write-On Competition is held immediately following the end of the Spring semester and has two components, a closed-universe memorandum and a Bluebook citation quiz.

1. Closed-Universe Memorandum

During the Write-On Competition, candidates will be required to write a memorandum based on the information provided, including a set of facts and legal authorities. The memorandum should ONLY include the following four sections: Issue(s) Presented, Brief Answer(s), Discussion, and Conclusion. Detailed instructions for completing the memorandum will be given.

2. Bluebook Citation Quiz

The Bluebook citation quiz will consist of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must have a copy of the 21st edition of The Bluebook legal citation manual and must answer each question according to the rules provided within the Bluebook.

The breakdown for the Write-On competition score is 45% GPA through Spring, 25% closed memo, 25% Bluebook citation quiz, and 5% legal writing grades.

All Write-On Candidates are graded anonymously using ASU Exam Numbers.

2021 Write-On Competition Information

The 2021 Write-On competition will take place Monday, May 10 at 8:00 AM to Tuesday, May 11 at 5:00 PM.

If this testing date does not work for students, they must email the Write-On Committee Chairs at asujournalwriteon@gmail.com

Law Journal Informational Meetings

An introductory meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 16 at 12:15 PM via Zoom to provide interested students with a general overview of what being on a journal is all about, why it is such a great opportunity, and what sort of involvement it requires.

Please use this link to access the meeting.

Mandatory Write-On Informational Meeting

Anyone who wants to apply for a position on a Law Journal MUST attend the mandatory meeting on Tuesday, March 30 at 12:15 PM, which will be held via Zoom. This meeting will provide students with more detail about the Write-On Competition.

Please use this link to access the meeting.

Any questions regarding the write-on competition can be emailed to the Write On Committee.

Necessary Documents

Grade Release: To participate in the 2021 Write-On Competition, candidates must complete the ONLINE grade release form by Friday, April 9. The form is necessary because each candidate’s GPA and legal writing grades will be a factor in their overall competition score.

2021 Law Journal Grade Release Form